STEP BY STEP: #beezdex, explained!

Hello! Welcome to #beezdex!

This is a Sample Profile to provide help in creating and filling out your own Business Listing. We hope it will clarify the questions you may have.

If you have any questions, encountering problems or if you have suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us any time on 01202 5 09 09 5 or by email:

Let's get started:

Once you have verified your account you will be prompted to create your profile. There you can choose your company name, fill in all contact details.

First question, many new members have is: "What is Vanity URL?" - This is the part of the URL you can choose. E.g. By default it will be your Company Name as you type it but you can choose any other name, too.

In the address section, you can choose to show you address publicly - which will add a Google Map onto your Listing. We suggest, you make it public as it's nice for the potential customer to see where you are based. If you wish not to show your full address, maybe you should consider to show your town.

Then comes the big text box "Page Content". What you write there will appear here - where you are reading right now. This is where you should tell about your business, what you do, your services and products. You can make changes to this section any time choosing "Edit Profile" on your Dashboard.

To the left is the place for your profile picture. When you go into your dashboard and click change profile picture you will be asked to upload and image. Here you can crop a part of an image to fit in the box.

On the top, there is the space for a Cover Picture. You will see the link to upload this on your dashboard. Choosing your Logo or any other nice picture to make your page prettier is a good idea.

Below you can see the Showcase. Here you can really show off your products and services. You can show before and after pictures. You can also create Galleries. We find what works best are Step-By-Step "From-Start-To-Finish-Galleries". This way you give an insight to how you work.

As we promote your Business further using your pictures, the better you make this section, the more chance you have of impressing potential customers.

Happy #beezdex-ing!


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STEP BY STEP: #beezdex, explained!
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