Why Social Media Training should be first priority for your business

Every business, regardless of the size, has the opportunity to take advantage of social media. But they run the risk of suffering under what their employees do in social media. Today over 80% of businesses have some presence in social media, which means that training the staff is key.

Social Media Marketing Training for Business | Bournemouth, Dorset and surrounding areas
  • 60% of employees act as brand advocates to help grow their employers business
  • 8% of companies have fired someone over inappropriate social media posts 
  • 20% of companies have disciplined an employee for mis-use of social media
  • Only 40% of companies have a formal social media policy 

Social media touches all aspects of of a business and same goes for the training program.

Here is what you can do:

  • Create a social media policy and guidelines for your business
  • Build a strategic social media plan
  • Evaluate your organisation's needs to build a training plan
  • Enable access to professional social media training

Regardless of the size of your business social media training should be on the agenda. It may involve sending a few people to targeted programs, or a training for your entire organisation. Either way, given the constant growth and changes in the social media and digital strategies, training is vital to make sure that your business is well prepared to understand and make the most of social media internally and externally.

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What our clients say about our Social Media Training Services in Bournemouth, Dorset and surrounding areas

"A big thank you to Banu for a brilliant Social Media training session this morning. It was really helpful and I learned such a lot. Would definitely recommend :)"
Linda Thornton | MD, John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation